The Knee Pain Guru – Core Values

The Knee Pain Guru Core Values

We believe as an organization that in this dynamic ever changing world it’s best to recognize the principles we live by. So we took the time, energy and effort to distill down those principles into The Knee Pain Guru Core Values. We hope that reading these core values will shed light in understanding our personal and professional motivations…

Create open, honest communication backed with integrity
We believe that trust is the foundation from which all relationships are built. The only way to build that trust is to create an environment for open, honest communication backed with integrity.

Honor Only Win/Win Situations
When ever we enter into any relationship it has to make sense for all parties involved. It’s essential that everyone wins. Win for YOU, the customer and win for our team.

Work Toward Goals As A Team
Every member of our team has both strengths & weaknesses. Our goal is to maximize each team members strengths. So much more can be accomplished when all team members are flexible, balanced & work together to accomplish the goal of “Making Knee Replacement Surgery Obsolete In Our Lifetime.”

Be A Good Listener
We believe that listening is key to great communication. When you feel truly heard, your nervous system relaxes which creates a place for the natural flow of energy. This is where profound personal growth & transformation takes place.

Fill In The Gaps
“How Can I Support You Right Now?” “What Do You Need Right Now?” are essential questions we continually ask. We are there to support each other to “move the ball forward.” All energy and effort goes towards the end goal of creating high quality products and services which bring massive value and improve your quality of life.

Educate & Empower
Teach a person to fish and they will eat for a lifetime…
We create interdependent relationships through education & empowerment with everyone we come in contact with.

Serve With Gratitude
The only things that matters, exists between people. We have gratitude as we build strong relationships, as a result we allow our light to shine brighter in the world.