How To Overcome Bone On Bone Knee Pain

Below are the links I talk about in the video…

Click on the following link to access the Surgery Free Knee Replacement Program:

Click on the following link to setup a FREE 25 Minute Knee Freedom Strategy Session – Use the code “FREEKFSS”:


  1. Marg says:

    hello Bill

    Yesterday I decided to take my knee problems seriously. I was getting progressively worse. I found you on Youtube. You re so generous with your information. I am 50% better even in 24 hours after watching you. If you have time, we could talk. I cured myself of several other serious ailments, and I would be willing to give you a testimonial if my knees get completely fixed.
    604 856 8910
    Marg from Vancouver canada

  2. May Gericke says:

    Hi Bill I am using a walking stick in my left hand as my right leg is bone on bone, this does not really make a difference and someone suggested I had my shoes built up to change the angle of leg, will this help? I have bought a bicycle but find it is fine while I am cycling but very painful when I go to bed, the outside muscle on my right leg goes into a spasm ilke a vice grip. My L5 disk is wedged forward and I can’t really swim anymore. Any suggestions and our house is on 3 levels 30 stairs going up is ok it is walking down that gets to both my legs. ( My left leg is not bone on bone yet. I am suppose to have “partial “knee replacement in October 2011.

    • Bill Parravano says:

      Hi May

      Not sure if the shoes being built up will help…give it a try and let me know how it goes…

      There are many factors that go into the experience of you having knee pain. The best thing would be for us to get on a call and figure out a strategy for you…

      If you are serious about having that conversation then go to the following link and fill out all the information for a FREE “Knee Freedom Strategy Session” –

      Talk soon,

  3. Hi Bill
    Strained my groin about 6 months ago. Since then I have had pain in my knee and down my shin. After visiting a physiotherapist, who said I had damaged my leg , through not walking properly. ( leg turning in ). I am doing the excercises and straightening my leg when walking, with the help of a walking stick. It’s still pretty sore at times and don’t know what to do next. Groin pain has almost gone
    Hope you can help, Bill

    • Bill Parravano says:

      Hi May

      Which exercises are you doing? The ones your physiotherapist gave you or ones from my e-book?


  4. Jim Edwards says:

    Did I submit what needed to get started? I would like a phone visit. I did submit the $97. Still very new at computers and email. I am 64 and would like avoid knee s. looking forward to trying this.

    Thank you
    Jim Edwards

  5. Mary jetha says:

    I am doing your excercises from ebook and from virtual clinic.

  6. Linda cerino says:

    I am having hyalagen injections due to bone on bone……looking for more as doctor is hinting at knee surgery

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